Welcome to Benco, LLC – Leaders in Commercial Roofing

Why do more and more architects and property managers turn to the roofing experts at Benco? With nearly twenty years of commercial roofing experience, we have the skilled craftsmen that assure your roof is not only aesthetically pleasing, its built to last.

We’re proud of the reputation we’ve established within the Connecticut roofing and building industry. We offer fair pricing, reliable service, and quality craftsmanship second to none. At Benco, we build commercial roofs that are technologically advanced, creating custom solutions that fortify vulnerable hot-spots, helping to avoid costly future repairs.

Why Choose Benco?

Benco Roofing Contractors satisfy the long-term roofing needs of;

* Property managers
* Facility management companies
* General contractors
* Real estate agencies
* Architectural firms
* Municipalities
* Building owners
Roofing Problems Derived From Weather Conditions

In recent years, Connecticut has been hammered by record rainfalls, damaging winds, hail, and record snowfalls. These diverse conditions can wreak havoc on the most advanced roofing systems on the market today. As a result, we are seeing more significant damage to properties than we’ve ever seen before. Some of which could have been avoided with routine inspection.

Benco roofing professionals craft custom solutions honed from years of field experience, solving the most challenging, weather related roofing problems. At Benco Roofing, we measure our success by the limited number of warranty service calls received each year. To achieve these high standards internally, Benco provides personalized service for each and every client, big or small – assigning a single-point-of-contact for the roofing project, while striving to address concerns proactively, cost effectively, and in a timely fashion.
Stretch Out the Life of Your Roof

Benco provides solutions for roofing maintenance, minor roofing repairs, major roofing retrofits, as well as new, state-of-the-art roofing systems. From design assistance, to troubleshooting problematic roofing systems, we can customize a solution to address your specific roofing needs — regardless of project size. Often times we can stretch out the life of your existing roof by years, but we’ll need to assess the current condition to ascertain risk management.
Our Proposal Process is Simple

We will meet with you on site, discuss your project and inspect your existing roof or plans, making recommendations deemed necessary. Following a thorough site inspection, we will provide a detailed proposal or bid, outlining costs and schedule.
Emergency Roofing Services Contract

Roofing leaks and damages aren't planned. Property owners need reliable, dependable, affordable solutions when a leak arises or when weather damages large portions of a roofing structure.

Benco provides Emergency Roofing Services (BENCO-ERS) on a contract basis for property management firms and similar entities. Our primary focus is minimizing collateral damage to your facilities, equipment, products, and building structure. Our experienced staff understands the logistics of timely response and will work towards achieving a best-case outcome. After the roof leak is contained, Benco will provide a proposal for permanent roof repairs.